A Nod to the ’90s: The Graphic Tee

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Oh, the ’90s. A full-on Johnny Depp with Kate Moss (pre-Wiona), Cory with Topanga, Rachel with Ross extravaganza. The relationships were unforgettable (the TV couples even more so), but we must fixate our focus entirely to the fashion. And not just any Ked’s-wearing, flannel-rocking ’90s gal, the t-shirt kind of chick. It’s back. It’s here. The graphic t-shirt is officially a trend. Wear the t-shirt. You’re trendy! Especially if it’s cropped. Or Moschino. The the trend has happily marched its way back into our lives in 2015.

Whether it’s under overalls, on top of high-waisted jeans, or completely cropped, you saw the basic piece on Clueless, channeled it from Drew Barrymore, and admired it on Jennifer Aniston in FriendsIn Spring 2015, it’s taking over the runways and the streets as a classic concept with endless options. The graphic tee has been through it–from dancing on David Letterman’s desk (if you’re Drew) to making the front row of the Moschino show (if you’re Miley)–and this timeless piece isn’t merely a ’90s revelation. So for the moment, scroll through below and get acclimated to some of the highlights. Give it just a few seconds—and you’ll find yourself wanting to shop for your own take on the graphic, with a personal twist on the tees.


IMG_1671 IMG_1676


IMG_1680 IMG_1682 IMG_1684
















IMG_1691 IMG_1697IMG_1730


















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