A Woman’s Love Affair with her Jeans

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We live surrounded by a whirlwind of options. Every element of our lives and relationships change, disappear, evolve, and transform at a rapid pace. Today, it is customary for our Snapchats to disappear after 10 seconds, our workouts to only survive 10 minutes, and our men to ditch after 24 hours. We search for something constant, something steady, something classic – something with a longer life than 50 Cent’s career in baseball or the Green Bay Packers’ future in acting.

We can be saved. Our consolation comes from those denim wonders, that loyal companion, the gift from God in every woman’s wardrobe — a perfect pair of jeans.

But even in the classic line of denim clothing, things are quick to shift. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you some of the stand-out options and the array of shapes. And NYDJ helped us out. Amid all the hype, we’ve broken down some of the possibilities in every style—from boyfriend jeans to crops to skinny jeans—and picked the best.

Here’s to your newest relationship with your jeans. Because when the man doesn’t fit, your jeans will.

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He’s almost got something—but there’s a huge part of the spark missing. He’s halfway there, if only he could read a few more dating self-help books to really put him over the edge. He’s like that movie that continues to come back for yet another sequel that can never touch the original, or the turkey that won’t quite brown.

The jean version of the mid-way man? Cropped jeans, a few inches below the knee. Only halfway to your ankle but all the way to your heart, giving you a look that covers both polished and casual.  Like these cropped skinny jeans.


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