Exclusive Album Premiere: Seluah: ‘Phase III’

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Those three adjectives can be used to describe various situations, but in this case they perfectly describe the Louisville-based psych rock quartet Seluah’s sophomore record Phase III due out on June 2 via Karate Body Records.  And we’ve got the exclusive premiere below.

The group’s first record followed a decade after its debut EP and was acclaimed for showcasing the breadth of Louisville’s rock music scene. On Phase III, the band is able to pinpoint its focus on the elements of the first album that worked and further exploit them.

Lead single “Experiment in Horror” opens the record in a similar fashion to “We May Never Make It Home” off 2012’s Red Parole, with its lonesome guitar line and echoed vocals. Where it differs is the moment when the melody of the guitar is twisted downward. The lighter sounds of Christian Fredrickson’s viola meet the aggression in the bass line and ultimately serve as a foil for the record’s theme.

The second track “Nanon” picks up on the urgency of its predecessor with a foreboding rhythmic section that dominates the song in a manner similar to the dissociative obsession with murder in the lyrics. The attention to detail in this particular track is unsettling; both components of the song verge on psychotic as they loop and repeat a descent into madness.

Another standout, “The Killer” contains lush vocal melodies and an almost empowering electric guitar part towards the final minute. The song ebbs and flows like the outpour of emotions in the lyrical narrative which displays remorse for killing, but shows no indication of stopping.

Phase III will be released on vinyl and digital formats on June 2 via Karate Body Records.  You can pre-order the album here.


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