SXSW 2015: Bright Light Social Hour x Vinyl Mag

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Bright Light Social Hour are returning once again to the South By stage this year after the recent drop of their new kick-ass album, Space is Still The Place. Known for their heavy touring, BLSH has gained quite the fan following – to say the least.

Their music, for those who haven’t caught the BLSH bug, is meant for the dance pop rock people with a psychedelic mind.Their sound is clean, wet, and bluesy but consistently driven by effects. Curtis Roush’s vocals consist of a beautiful falsetto but so drenched in reverb that you can trip on his voice alone. The only words I can write for Jack O’Brien’s bass mind is that he has an absolutely amazing talent, creating fills that are just so good you will get chills. Edward Braillif’s guitar handling is the washiest and cleanest of all the instruments included. Joseph Mirasole completes this foursome with his Strokes-like drum banging as he highlights their pop tones while also staying true to their bluesy vibes.

Be sure to check out Bright Light Social Hour at SXSW this year.  For more info about their new album, their advice for navigating SX, and what is next on their agenda.

Vinyl Mag: Congrats on your new album, Space is Still the Place. I read that the concept of “Future South” sparked the creativity behind the album. Who coined that phrase? What inspired you guys about it?

Jack O’Brien: Thanks. Curtis did; it kinda summed up a lot of vibes we’d been bouncing around.

VM: I see you have been on quite the tour route through the southern side of the US. What was your favorite city you’ve played? And why?

JO: Personally, I love playing New Orleans. It’s just gritty and sexy and so much cross-dressing. It’s pretty future.

VM: When on tour, what’s the one thing you miss the most about Austin?

JO: Fresh jalapeños and family.

VM: I saw that you guys have recently affiliated with the non-profit Adopt A Star, giving away free downloads of “Infinite Cities” to those who adopt a star and win the contents. What sparked y’all’s interest in Adopt a Star?

JO: We all just thought that was such a cool gift, to give someone a star and even name it after them. It’s so cool, and not to mention proceeds help fund internationally-collaborative space research.

VM: Who are your brother bands? As in the bands that you call your great friends and don’t mind touring with.

JO: Migrant Kids, Spaceface, Walker Lukens and the Side Arms, The Tontons, Megafauna.

VM: As a native Austin band, what local advice do you have for SXSW-attendees – any restaurant recommendations?

JO: Hydrate. Be love. Eat only beef.

VM: Are you barbecue or taco truck people?

JO: Brisket breakfast tacos forever and ever amen.

VM: Who are you excited to see at South By this year?

JO: Talk in Tongues.

VM: What’s your favorite memory of SX?

JO: Probably going in high school, not being in a band, and trying to sneak into parties.

VM: What is next for you after the album release and SXSW?

JO: Tour, tour forever.


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