Saturn Valley: ‘On The Rings’

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Without a doubt, the streets of Athens consistently churn out exceptional musical talent. One particular band to take note of is the up and coming Saturn Valley. Consisting of five players Chris Freiberg on Keys, Christian McDaniel on percussion, Nick Jones on guitar, Zach Webster on drums, and Scott Andrews on bass (previous bassist/bassist on On The Rings Charlie Ferrell), this band channels the funk of Santana, the skills of Jimmy Page, and the overall essence of Widespread Panic. Each and every song consists of creatively different jazz tones, especially in their recent album, On the Rings.

The song “Odysseus” begins with one of the tastier riffs on the album. However, once the drums ensue, this tune starts to take on many different routes. The drums lead listeners into a metal-based synth spell and then bring listeners back to that original riff. Quite a fitting song title for such a journey.

“Rusty Bane” brings out the more sensual side of SV. The song begins with a horn section, opening the door to the keys and guitar’s simple, soul-filled notes.  Then, all hell breaks loose when nothing but funk enters the mix, a surprising segue from the prior melancholy tone. Each note then ventures into classic funk, leaving you bouncing as there music fills your speakers. Billy Cobham fans, this one is for you.

“Tollbooth” is another great catch on this album, focusing primarily on the skills of Frieberg as he takes the lead in his own style. This song shows truly the skill and effort these lads have dedicated to this band, as well as their love for music. Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew would be so proud.

What’s truly beautiful about this album is the apparent and absolute hard work these guys have put into its creation. Each song was well mixed – including their live show, which you can find on ReverbNation.

Saturn Valley has created music that can relate to any music lover out there (unless you are truly against instrumentals).  With their hard work and experience, Saturn Valley can really rise. Athenians, you can currently snatch this catch at Wuxtry.


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