Video Premiere: Anthony and the Second Verse: “Looking For A Fight”

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Anthony Stubelek has always been a favorite of Vinyl Mag.  Maybe it’s the Rivers Cuomo-esque voice.  Maybe it’s the unflinching honesty in his lyrics.  Or maybe it’s those #sosweet guitar solos.  Let’s just go with all of the above.

Today, Anthony and his band, the Second Verse, are gracing us with their first-ever video for the track “Looking For A Fight.”  Filmed in three days with a cast and crew of nine people (plus all those lovely extras), the video is the story of a couple who find their love again after having broken up.

Anthony, who edited the video himself, was excited to take Anthony and the Second Verse to the next level.

“I had never really thought of doing a video, because they are very expensive to make. However, I knew that having a video is so valuable to a band, especially a band that is just getting started. I watched a hundred new videos, and I came to two conclusions, the first being that having a video was way better than not having one. I was worried about not having a super-legit video, and I didn’t want to release something sub-par. This led to my second conclusion: even great bands have poor video content, sometimes. This gave me a little hope that we could actually make something that would be beneficial to our band, without needing a Hollywood production. I figured that if we made a video that looked nice, the content could fall second, which took a lot of pressure off of me to get started with the script. However I ended up writing a story which I think is pretty decent! We ended up with a very good video, both content-wise and image-wise, more so than some of the videos that inspired me to get started!”

When beginning to storyboard the music video, Anthony turned to his wife and fellow bandmate, Kathleen Stubelek (also a member of another Vinyl favorite, Circle Takes the Square).  The two brainstormed and re-wrote until coming up with the final version.  Once the concept was nailed down, Anthony began to gather his crew.

“I called in many favors to make this film, but I tried to take care of my crew so they would be more likely to work with me again on the next video!

I was very impressed by the fantastic performance of our actors. Also, there were three VFX shots (of the actors cell phones) that were done by my good friend and college band mate, Chris Dye. The two indoor locations were donated to us by our friends at Palm Coast Coffee and HBGB, a new music venue in Brunswick [Georgia]. Our friend Emily Thompson was on set doing makeup, and had all of our actors and extras looking great for the camera.

Our director of Photography, TJ Thompson, is a friend of mine who, along with his crew, did a phenomenal job with the cinematography.”

In addition to the love story in the video, the band also shot a live show.  “During the final day of photography, the live show scene, Vince Jarocki (drums), JR Manning (guitar), and I celebrated 17 years of being friends and being in bands together,” said Stubelek.

Check out the video for “Looking For A Fight” below, and be sure to keep an ear out for Anthony and the Second Verse’s EP Override, out March 21st here.  And you know we’re gonna be expecting more videos in the meantime.


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