Watch: Jurassic World trailer is here!

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It’s finally here!  The long-awaited trailer for Jurassic World has arrived, and with it comes multiple angles of Chris Pratt’s beautiful, um…face (we were all thinking it) and some dinosaurs or whatever.

In all seriousness, I’m very intrigued about where they’re going with this.  From what I’m gathering from the trailer, the plot recycles a good bit from the original Jurassic Park, with the heedless scientists powering ahead to populate the park with genetically engineered dinosaurs despite warnings that this might not be the best idea.

Some differences include:

Futuristic vehicles to replace the unreliable Jeeps from JP1
The park is actually open, which means way more people are in immediate danger
They created a new dinosaur (a “genetically modified hybrid”)
Did I mention Chris Pratt?

In all honesty, I’m thoroughly optimistic and pretty sure that this is going to be fantastic.  My love of the original had me very skeptical, but this trailer eased some of my concerns, and I’m feeling pretty confident. Can’t be worse than JP3, right?

Though I do think there will be something missing without the glory of Jeff Goldblum lounging like he’s on a bear skin rug.


Samuel L. Jackson will still probably make an appearance though. That dude is in literally every movie ever made.

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