Hilary Duff is a crazy stalker in her new music video for “All About You”

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Apparently Hilary Duff is exploring all avenues of insanity these days.

In her last video for “Chasing the Sun,” she was a schizophrenic co-worker with an affinity for confusing her office for a Malibu beach.

Now, in her latest, “All About You,” she is an entirely different brand of mentally unstable.

The somewhat forgettable song is about being totally obsessed with a guy to the point that you are willing to do whatever it takes to show him – very healthy stuff.

The video starts with Duff taking a sneaky photo of a hot guy sitting across the room from her (okay, so far not that creepy, because GUILTY – I’m looking at you, cute Mama’s Boy waiter #overeasy).

However, she then takes the vinyl record that he accidentally leaves behind and trots off to the dance studio to recount the (lack of) incident and show the photo to her friends, who act like they have never seen a good-looking man before.

It’s already feeling like a little much.  If simply seeing an attractive human being impacts someone’s day this much, red flags are already waving frantically.

With the help of her enabling friends, Duff piles everyone in her awesome convertible to go on a full-blown search-party mission to find the stud.  They run around town showing the picture to people until they finally get a flyer for a party he’s attending.  Whereas some people might have turned back once they saw the signs that said “1 Mile to Stalkerville,” this girl blows right past them and doesn’t stop until she hits Crazy Town.

Insert totally random street dancing scene just for the hell of it.

In the end, our girl finds her man, walks up to him, and returns his record.  He chats her up like he isn’t remotely concerned that she tracked him down like a bloodhound, and the story ends happily ever after.  Beautiful.

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