Street Style Profile WEDDING Edition: Anna Hall-Edwards

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All photos: Michaella Jelin of Yellowbird Visuals

​Anna Hall-Edwards is the epitome of graceful. She is sweeter than a summer night, and her style is just the same; laid back, easy going, and bohemian. She’s also an extremely talented jewelry designer and maker. You can always catch her working hard in the studio, and you can always count on her looking flawless, even with goggles on and a torch in her hand.

This week we had a chance to do something a little new and different for our style profile.  That’s right, folks – it’s the Wedding Edition!

Once we found out that Anna was goin’ to the chapel, we knew we would have to find out how this lovely hippie-chic lady would style herself for the big day…and we can still hear the bells ringing!  Read on to see Anna looking flawless for the wedding, and also to find out about her inspirations in life and in the studio.

1) How would you describe your personal style and/or your method of dress?

The way that I dress has been really funny looking back. I always dressed differently from other people, especially growing up – not necessarily in a good way! In retrospect, I realize how crazy I dressed as a kid, but hey, I felt like I looked good then!  I think I have always just worn what I love…as a kid, that was bright colors, crazy patterns, and big plastic jewelry.  Now, it is usually a dress with jeans and clogs or combat boots! My method of dress these days is definitely influenced by my work in the studio: dark colors so that you can’t tell that I’m dirty even when I am, closed toe shoes, and my golden rule: long and loose!

2) Can you talk about your approach to jewelry making – what is your process like, and what inspires you?

I find so much inspiration in nature. I am a sucker for a good floral pattern, and once I find one, I hang on to it for a long time, using it over and over again. I feel like the Lord has created nature to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world – awe-inspiring and breathtaking – so I never want to miss out on admiring it while I am working. It is my way of bringing the beautiful wonders of outside into a smelly studio…usually, I do a lot of experimenting, and when I find a form or composition that I love, I work it into a wearable piece of jewelry. Usually, I just make things that I personally love and then hope that other people love it, too!

3) What is one of your most treasured pieces or jewelry or clothing ?

My most special piece of jewelry that I have is definitely my wedding ring. My sweet and wonderful husband designed it for me – all a total surprise. He has always pegged me from day one when it comes to picking out things that he knows I will love. It has a series of bands, but they are all actually one big ring. It is really textured, because I don’t love shiny things, and it is even asymmetrical, which is a characteristic of things I love! Later, I found out that my diamond was his great-grandma’s diamond in her wedding ring. I knew his Mema growing up and visited her often, so I was so blessed and honored by that! When he proposed, I was stunned by how absolutely beautiful the ring was. But more than its beauty, the ring is a sweet constant reminder of the covenant that I have been so blessed by in getting to be married to the man of my dreams!


4) What was special to you about what you wore on your wedding day?

I didn’t have anything that I wore on my wedding day that was extremely sentimental, but I had so much fun coming up with what to wear and what my girls would wear! I found my dress online from Free People and loved it immediately. Prior to that, I had gone into a few wedding dress boutiques, and my mom, my sister, and I just laughed every time that I put on a dress. They all looked silly on me and were totally not my style. I was officially on the hunt for an inexpensive and “different” wedding dress. Little did I know that the combination of inexpensive and unique were few and far between. Finally, I got the idea that I could look for white dresses online at my favorite stores, and then I could change it to be what I wanted. When I was in high school, my mom let me design both of my prom dresses, because when else do you get to do that for fun? Prom was a great excuse! So I went back to the drawing board with my sweet relative who is a costume designer, who had helped me years before. When I saw the white gown on Free People, I freaked and ordered it immediately on a whim! It came in the mail in a bag the size of a gallon ziplock bag. My mom sent me a picture of the tiny bag with the dress balled up inside; we got a good laugh out of that! Needless to say, I think it is one size fits all. It fit like a nightgown and was the most comfortable thing I had ever put on. I knew I wanted flowers (my favorite thing in the world) on my dress, so I shopped for dainty and elegant stems to incorporate into the design, as well as some different laces and beading. Pam, my seamstress relative, and I had a blast, and she helped me create the dress of my dreams!





5) Why was it important that the two of you designed each others rings? Can you tell us about that design and process?

I actually had no idea that Christian was going to design my ring, although it didn’t surprise me a bit when he did. He has always been a romantic and a darn good one at that…I found out later that he actually had a drawing and a diagram (better than most of my ring designs!). He took it to our hometown jeweler and had them make it for him. Now it is just a constant reminder of how special he is. It was really important to Christian that I designed and made his ring. I guess just because its technically “what I do.” I was so nervous, because it’s kind of an important ring. I thought about lots of designs but knew to keep it really simple. Finally, I just went to work on a wax. I used some recycled gold that his parents gave me and embedded a piece of steel in it, to make it more manly. There is a teeny tiny diamond in the middle just for fun! I knew that he wanted it matte with no shine, so I filed the wax ring before casting it!

6) In what ways did you incorporate your personal style or the “feeling” of the day you wanted into your wedding?

Our hearts for our wedding day were that it wouldn’t be about the “wedding.” There are so many details that go into a wedding – all of which I absolutely LOVE – but those details can get crazy and overwhelming if you let them!  We wanted our wedding to be centered on what a wedding actually is, which is an expression of the gospel that we believe. We kept it really simple and called on a lot of people to make it happen. My dad sells antiques and has a lot of doors, so he and his friend made all of the tables out of doors. My roommate, Jenna Gridley, who is a local potter here in Athens, made tons of pots, and we set them on the tables. And then I told our family friend to have her way with the flowers and do lots of greenery. Flowers are one of my favorite things in the world. Everyone chipped in, and my friends and I decorated a couple of days before. It was really fun, and I wouldn’t change a thing looking back.


My bridesmaids were also a huge part of incorporating the feeling of our wedding day. Their dresses were all different. I really wanted them to look like themselves, because they are all so cool and unique and beautiful.


7) What inspires you artistically, and what do you want your jewelry to say or do for the people who wear it?

As I said before, I am super inspired by nature and flowers and patterning. I love raw, uncanny aspects of nature and its spontaneity. It is always changing, always transforming, and always awe-inspiring.  As for my jewelry, I really just want people to love it when they wear it. I want them to feel special and unique and love to put it on!

8) Do you have any exciting things happening or future plans that are exciting to you?

Yes! My husband and I are working to launch our jewelry business. It is called Dustmade, and we cannot wait to get started! We will be launching within the next month on both a private website as well as Etsy!

9) Lastly, do you have any tips for us? How do you stay creative and inspired?

I stay the most creative and inspired when I am around the people that I love. I have a precious group of friends who have so much input into what I make. My husband and my family also love me so well and give some of the best advice and encouragement. When I have a creative block, I chill. I spend time with the people that I love and enjoy rest. An idea is sure to come when you are filled up with joy and laughter.

anna 1

Keep an eye out for Anna and Christian’s new project, Dustmade. For personal jewelry commissions or if you want to be on the Dustmade mailing list, shoot an email to!

You can also follow her personal instagram @anna​marieedwardz to look out for more information regarding Dustmade. There will be lots of giveaways and exciting things happening in the next month!

Also, be sure to give a listen to Anna’s wedding playlist below – and grab a listen to Jason Gridley, who played her reception!

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Aubrey Mascali is wanna-be fairy trapped in a human body who is intrigued by tiny things and collections of nature stuffs. She enjoys rainy days with a nice cup of tea and cuddling with her dog Nemo. Currently living and attending school at UGA in Athens GA, you can usually find her doing cliche townie things like thrifting for vintage dresses, walking through the local farmers market, and drinking mimosas at brunch. Aubrey’s keen on meeting new people and hearing their stories. If she were a color, she hopes it would be pink, and if she were music she’d want it to sound like Architecture in Helsinki on a good day and Grimes on a weird day. In her capacity as an art student, she enjoys taking photos, painting, weaving behind a loom or spending countless hours doing five year old art projects like gluing rocks to paper. She is currently working on her thesis exhibition which will be on view at the Lamar Dodd School of art in May 2015.

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