Janelle Monaé and M.I.A. projecting each other via holograms?!

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Re-read the title…then read it again.

Yeah, that’s right. Both superstars are performing at Audi events releasing its new A3 model on opposite ends of the country: Janelle Monaé will be in Los Angeles, and M.I.A. will be in NYC. They’ll go through their set of songs, but at the end, the two have announced that they will be performing two new collaborations with each other. How are they going to do that if they’re 2,000 miles apart? you might ask (if you haven’t reread the title of this article like I told you to). Well, that’s where the trippy, experimental fun comes into play.

The two will be performing via HOLOGRAM – M.I.A will be projected to L.A. and Monaé to NYC.

This is the first time I’ve heard of bi-coastal hologram projection being attempted, and if they can pull it off, then hats off to them for being the first to do this never-before-seen stunt. It could go either one of two ways: dope as hell…or awful as hell. If you can remember back to Coachella 2012, you’ll recall the resurrected hologram of 2Pac which might’ve been the first hologram in a concert, but live cross-country hologram projection??? Wonders never cease. Let’s just hope the two don’t bump into each other and then merge into super-popster Janelle M.I.A. Or let’s hope they do…that’d be kind of awesome.

The set utilizes 3D projection mapping to add layered depth of field perception with animated graphic content, the result of which will be an electric never-before-seen 3D bi-coastal performance. – Press release



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