Tutorial: Suno Gold Leaf Hair Part

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If your wardrobe’s feeling plain Jane these days, add a little gold to your… hair part? No, I’m not insane, just a little obsessed with Fashion Week’s beauty trends. And this one’s got some staying power, thanks to Dries Van Noten last season and Suno this time around. The best part is that it’s insanely easy to do: all you’ll need is an eyeshadow brush and Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Gold (which includes Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer).

1. Part your hair down the middle, and pull the rest back in a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is super tight so you can easily access your part.

2. Mix a couple of drops of the Stila Primer and a thick coat of the Stila Eyeshadow on the back of your hand.

3. Dip the eyeshadow brush into the mixture – try to focus the shadow on the ends of the brush so you’ll be able to apply it more precisely. Begin applying it to the front of your part, tapering the glitter out in the front so you don’t have a hard line at your hairline.

4. Continue applying the shadow down the part, being careful to keep the glitter from getting in the hair around the part.

5. Finish the line. At the Suno show, the line stopped abruptly at the back of the part.

Voila! A brand-new part!

Suno Gold Part

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