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Photo by Grace Long

Marie Davon and Andrew Heaton are the magic behind Athens based band Powerkompany. Scientists by day, musicians by night, this dynamic duo also happens to be the perfect subject for this weeks edition of Vinyl Mag’s Street Style Profile—seeing as they are each other’s Valentines! Though Powerkompany is currently on tour and enjoying Fashion Week in the Big Apple, they were happy to share a little with us about how they approach style and what influences their music making. Also click here for a link to their awe-inspiring music, and be sure to scroll down for a very special Valentines-day inspired playlist—chosen just for you by Powerkompany.

Can you tell us a little about how you started making music together, or how Powerkompany was born?
I started playing my songs around the house, and Andrew would hear them and start playing guitar or violin along. Then we started recording them, just for fun and the production evolved organically over time.

What are your musical or artistic influences?
That’s such a tough question, because nearly every single person, place, thing, sound, smell, experience influences us.

Does your scientific background affect or influence your music making? If so, how?
We approach everything like it’s an experiment.

Tell us about how your personal styles influence each other; what is your favorite thing about how the other approaches dress- who styles who?
[Marie] I’m the main stylist of Pk, meaning that I choose the themes and colors. I usually get dressed first, and once that’s chosen, Andrew can usually come up with a really creative and great complimentary outfit from the basic guidelines I set. We both appreciate comfort expressed with beautiful little details, which is how we dress… or at least try. We also love working with up and coming designers and picking favorite pieces to incorporate in our everyday life, like what we did with Lindsey Simunec and our album outfits. We wear some and all of the pieces she made for that shoot.

What is your position on Valentine’s Day – yay or nay?
Meh…we’re everyday lovers.

Which of your songs has the best backstory?
The best personal backstory, I guess would be for “Another One Born in New York,” based on a beautiful girl in NY that Andrew and I grew close to and had strong feelings for. Love can show up in unexpected ways sometimes…

But who can beat the story of the Little Mermaid? Our song “Mermaid” is based on that story.

*Don’t forget to check out Powerkompany’s Valentine’s playlist below!

Powerkompany Valentine’s Playlist:

Photo by Keith Weaver


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