Kind of Like Records Releases “Kind of Like a Comp II”

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And you can download it for free by clicking HERE! Kind of Like Records out of Brooklyn, NY has announced the release of their newest compilation.

Here’s what you’ll hear: 
Luther “The Glory Bees” taken from Let’s Get You Somewhere Else (Chunksaah Records)
Sundials “Completely Broken” taken from When I Couldn’t Breathe (Asian Man Records)
The Sidekicks “Grace” taken from Awkward Breeds (Red Scare)
Captain, We’re Sinking “Luneth (acoustic)” ** exclusive 
Great Cynics “In The Valley” taken from In The Valley 
Broadway Calls “Open Letter” taken from Vision Quest (No Sleep Records)
Save Ends “Sweet Defeat” taken from Strength Vs. Will 
Masked Intruder “25 To Life” taken from Masked Intruder (Red Scare)
Direct Hit! “Fallout Shelter Television” taken from Direct Hit!/The Haverchucks Split 7″
Elway “Dear Colorado” taken from Hence My Optimism (Red Scare)
The Haverchucks “(The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround” taken from Direct Hit!/The Haverchucks Split 7″
The Holy Mess “Cold Goodbyes” taken from Cande Ru Las Degas (Red Scare)
Timeshares “From An Admirer Not Darryl” taken from Bearable 
Adult Braces “Hands” taken taken from Demo 
Candy Hearts “Asbury Park” taken from Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy 
Lemuria “Varoom Allure” taken from Varoom Allure 7″ (Bridge 9)
Signals “Midwest Milkcrate” taken from French Exit/Signals Midwest Split 7″ (Solidarity Recordings)
Braid “Killing A Camera” taken from Frame And Canvas (Polyvinyl Records)
Glocca Morra “Kaspar Hauser Lied” taken from An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World 
Flashlights “Choking” taken from I’m Not Alone (Protagonist)
The Greek Favourites “My Garage, My Rules” taken from Forget Shit And Move On 
Kite Party “Buried In Dogs” taken from Baseball Season (Animal Style Records)


So if you’re a fan of any of these great artists be sure to get your free download!

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