City Rain releases Montage EP (finally!)

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City Rain have finally released Montage, their third EP in the last year (and the best, in my opinion).  A unique combination of synthpop, surf guitar, and indie, this album is CR’s most accomplished release yet.

“It was a story of wanting to be noticed and respected for who I was and the gifts I have to offer,” says vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Ben Runyan. “It was and is also about making amends for people I feel like I have wronged or hurt.”

My personal favorites on Montage include “Big Boys Do Cry” and “I Remember.”  But trust me…it’s hard to choose a favorite.  The entire EP is a perfect balance of pop mixed with just the right amount of heartbreak.

“This record is telling a broad story of where I have been and where I am going. I am venturing out on my own again, and it’s scary,” Ben concludes. “Scary awesome.”

Be sure to watch the video for the title track, “Montage” below:


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